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The Meat.

Our award winning line up includes    —


We only sell the highest quality Canadian Beef Grades A, AA and AAA. Grades are determined by the marbling within the meat.) All of our beef is purchased from small local Ontario farms, in whole carcasses and dry-aged in our climate controlled coolers. Our beef is cut fresh daily to your desired size. 

Florence Meats Beef


At Florence Meats, we sell only naturally raised grain-fed veal resulting in a more flavourful, tender meat. Our special cuts include: scaloppini, shank, brisket, tenderloin, should roast and bones.

Florence Meats Veal


It is important that pork be fresh. Aging pork does not result in a more tender meat as does beef. We buy and sell only top-quality, fresh, lean pork from Ontario’s pork producers, who are firmly committed to socially responsible practices. Florence Meats makes fabulous pork products, including but not limited to our award winning bacon, a variety of sausages Porchetta, pepperoni and pork hocks. Periodically, we carry a limited supply of Berkshire and locally raised Tamworth pork.

Florence Meats Pancetta wrapped pork


The finest lambs, we believe, come from Ontario because they are fresh, tender and more flavourful. The younger the lamb, the more tender it is the meat. Today, because of Due to increased productivity, "Spring Lambs" are available throughout the year. We sell seasoned roasts and whole lamb, as well as cuts such as rib chops, rack of lamb, spedini, kebabs, sausages, leg, shoulder, neck, side ribs and inners.

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Only fresh, free range, grain-fed poultry will do at Florence Meats. Our chicken are sourced from South Western Ontario where most of the Mennonite farms are situated. We offer a full selection of poultry including whole roast chickens and cuts including legs, breast, thighs and wings. We also sell a variety of marinated flattened chickens, burgers, sausages and kababs. In addition to chicken, we offer fresh grain-fed turkey, cornish hens, capons, duck, geese, rabbit, quil and pheasant.

Florence Meats_Chicken

Venison, Bison
& Ostrich.

Game meat is an excellent alternative high protein low calorie meat. At Florence Meats, we carry a variety of cuts.

Florence Meats Game Meat
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