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The finest lambs, we believe, come from Ontario because they are fresh, tender and more flavourful. The younger the lamb, the more tender it is the meat. Today, because of Due to increased productivity, "Spring Lambs" are available throughout the year. 


The best value for your money in purchasing Lamb is purchasing a whole or half lamb. We also carry retail cuts such as:

  • Lamb Loin / Rib Chops

  • Rack of Lamb

  • Boneless Loins

  • Spedini

  • Lamb Kebabs

  • Lamb Sausages

  • Leg of Lamb bone - in or boneless

  • Lamb Shoulder bone - in or boneless

  • Lamb Neck great for stew

  • Lamb Side Ribs

  • Lamb inners hearts, kidneys and liver

  • Lamb Roasts seasoned and ready to roast

  • Whole Lambs for BBQ spit Roasting​​

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