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Ontario Beef Farmers are conscientious about creating a sustainable environment for future generations, providing safe and high-quality beef for consumers.


Young Ontario calves typically spend spring, summer and fall living in pastures. A typical farm will see a young calf born in spring, enjoy mother’s milk and spring grasses on open pasture until the fall. Cows are fed hay over the winter. Other supplements such as salt and minerals are made available to cattle for optimum cattle health & growth.

At approximately 9-11 months old, the calves are moved to special farms to prepare them for market. These farms are highly designed to ensure that the animals have proper shelter, fresh drinking water and feed managers. Their diet is made up mostly of grass and hay (forages) and progressively moves to about 90 percent grain. This is done gradually not to upset the digestive system of the cows. Introducing grain (a mixture of barley and corn) produces tender, marbled beef.

The Animal welfare is of vital importance to Farmers. Ensuring that animals are well cared for right up and during slaughter is not only ethical but economical. Animals that do not experience stress during the slaughter operation have more tender, flavourful meat. Beef production and animal well-being are highly scrutinized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

We only sell the highest quality Canadian Beef Grades A, AA and AAA. Grades are determined by the marbling within the meat.) All of our beef is purchased from small local Ontario farms, in whole carcasses and dry-aged in our climate controlled coolers. Our beef is cut fresh daily to your desired size. 

Aging is an expensive process because it requires the storing of meat for up to four weeks but the result is a naturally tender and flavourful meat. The aging process allows the meat's natural enzymes to break down the connective tissue holding the muscles (act as a natural tenderizer) all while, the evaporation of moisture produces firmer and richer looking meat.

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