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Canada entering the World Butcher Stage !
Paris 2025

For the second time ...

Canada will be heading to the 2025 World Butcher challenge in Paris, France, hosted at the Olympic venue, South Paris Arena 6.  After a very exciting first competition in 2022, team captain Peter Baarda is back with a stronger team ready to take on the world once again. With one competition under their belt and the majority of the team returning, Team Canada looks to use their experience and push hard with a rigorous practice schedule to score a podium spot this year. The competition looks to be the toughest yet, with 20 teams signed up for the 2025 challenge.

For a second time, Damian Goriup from Florence Meats will be part of Team Canada! If you are interested in supporting the team and helping deliver the "out of towners" to practice, or put meat on the table so the team can cut up some fresh ideas, please follow the link below to the "Go Fund Me" page and help get the country behind this team! 

Your hometown competitor from Florence Meats!

                    Damian Goriup

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2022 Competition Sacramento, USA

For the first time ever...

Canada  entered their first team into the World Butchers  Challenge in 2022. Creating a Canadian team was the brainchild of captain Peter Baarda, three-time winner of Ontario’s Finest Butcher competition. It was a rigorous try-out process for those wanting a spot on the team and in the end, seven butchers were chosen to join Peter to represent Canada at this prestigious competition.

The team may not have finished in the top three, but they had put out and excellent display that Canadians can be proud of. With a taste of world competition the team is hungry to build on this success and looking forward to the next big stage. 

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Team Canada's spread at the competition. 2022

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