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Roasting a Turkey

Roasting a turkey in the oven,

       Follow the link to find the whole recipe, additionally you will find all of the Farm facts on your Ontario grown turkey.

Turkey Farmers of Ontario is a farmer-led organization, Located in Kitchener, Ontario, and represents approximately 160 turkey farmers across the province. They are also a great resource on cooking turkey!

A few tips along the way...

Using an oven probe or oven safe thermometer is a great way to get the turkey perfect every time. Taking the turkey out 3 degree before finished, and letting it rest on the counter covered for 20-25min after will help retain that extra little bit of juiciness.

prepare your roasting pan: A tinfoil one from the dollar store will be the easiest method to getting a pan that fits. To make the turkey easy to remove line the pan with some string. If you don't have any some bamboo skewers will work. This step is not necessary but we think it will help

Slicing the turkey starting by removing the legs and wings, then the breast. What is left in the pan is perfect for making gravy. Adding some stock instead of water will stretch  the drippings and make more gravy

place your turkey in the pan, lay some tinfoil on top, insert your oven probe or oven safe thermometer (optional) and put into the oven.

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