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Roasted Turkey

Prep Time:

30 Minutes

Cook Time:

2.5-3 Hours


12-13 Servings



About the Recipe

With a million and one ways to cook a holiday Turkey, we're here to just offer you our cooking suggestion. Below is a link to a great simple recipe provided by your local Ontario Turkey Farmers, and a few tips along the way.


  • 5-7Kg (12-148Lb) Turkey


Tip 1

If you dont have a turkey rack, place some strings along the bottom of the pan with enough hanging out on each side to grab and lift your turkey out when done.

Tip 2

Cooking time is roughly 22-26Minutes/Kg (10-12min/Lb)

When your turkey is about 2C (4F) from being done take it out of the oven and let it rest for 8-10min/Kg.

Tip 3

A great Gravey can be made from the drippings in the pan by using 1 cup of stock to 1tbs corn starch, and stirring at a low simmering heat until reduced to the desired thickness.

Tip 4

Follow the link to find the whole recipe, additionally you will find all of the Farm facts on your Ontario grown turkey.

Turkey Farmers of Ontario is a farmer-led organization, Located in Kitchener, Ontario, and represents approximately 160 turkey farmers across the province. They are also a great resource on cooking turkey!

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