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Prime Rib

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

30-40Minutes per Kilogram


7-9 Servings



About the Recipe

A deliciously simple recipe for your favourite friends and family.


  • 2.5Kg Prime Rib Roast

  • Your favourite mixed seasoning or some sea salt and fresh black pepper.


Step 1

Take your Dry Aged Prime Rib out of the fridge and packaging and cover with your favourite seasoning generously. This can be done the night before, but at a minimum 2 hours before roasting. Leave wrapped on the counter 2 hours before it is to go into the oven.

Step 2

Preheat the oven to 232C (450F)

Step 3

Place your roast into the pan, ribs down. Insert your oven probe or oven safe thermometer. Into the oven for 20-25min, and turn the temperature down to 177C (350F). Keep the roast in the oven for about 30-40min/Kg.

Doneness level:

Rare- 52C (125F)

Medium Rare - 57C (135F)

Medium- 63C (145F)

Medium Well- 66C (150F)

Our suggestion is to take a roast of this size out 3C(5F) before the doneness you are looking for, and let rest on the counter for 8-10 Minutes/Kg before slicing

Step 4

Our Prime ribs have had the ribs cut off and tied back on, as you cut the strings the ribs should come off easily with just a little cut at the bottom. Your roast is now ready for slicing!

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