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Gammon Ham

If you brought your Gammon ham home then it's almost done!

preheat your oven to 350F. You can add some spices now if you like, and put the ham in the oven. this should take about 40min/Kg to reach the internal temperature of_____F



while your ham is in the oven and easy glaze can be made with some orange juice and stock? and spices? place over simmering heat and reduce until the glaze has thickened. remove from heat and keep to the side until the ham is finished

You can choose to glaze before or after, both ways are great! if you pull the ham out with the intention to carmelize the glaze now is the time. set the broiler on low, and baste the ham with enough glaze to cover it. put it back into the oven until you see the glaze bubble and turn a light brown. repeat this step as many times as you like but one or two times should be plenty. Pull the ham out of the oven and let rest covered for 8min/kg. baste your ham with the glaze again and slice. Your remaining glaze can be poured over the ham and served on the side. 

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